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General call for Visual Arts, Photography: Community of Hope

Community of Hope (COH), winner of The Washington Post 2012 Award for Excellence in Nonprofit Management, has begun construction on a new 50,000 square foot, four-story Health and Resource Center at 4 Atlantic Street, SW in the Bellevue neighborhood of Ward 8. The Center will provide a full-range of medical, dental, behavioral health, and social and educational services to the general community, serving up to 10,000 people a year at full capacity. While serving the health and social services needs of residents is our primary focus, we are also committed to providing economic development and inspiration in this location. Hence we are planning to feature art from local artists in this building, which is currently under construction and due to be finished in late 2013. We have identified several lovely spaces in the building to install local art.

This Call for Artists is seeking to commission new art and/or to purchase existing art to install in various areas of the building. We are interested in fine art of any medium, or a mixture of mediums, i.e. painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media, etc. Description and Activities Community of Hope’s mission is to improve the health and quality of life for low-income, homeless, and underserved families in the District through providing health care, housing with supportive services, educational opportunities, and spiritual support. Our organizational values are to serve people with compassion, respect, integrity, and striving for excellence.

Art should convey the following themes:

  • Hope or Inspiration
  • Family friendly (We are serving lots of people with children)
  • Health and wellness
  • Represents and nurtures the community. May feature history of the community.
  • Welcoming, inviting

Technical Requirements:

The Appendix includes the space available and sample layouts.

Artists Qualifications:

This call is open to both established as well as new/ emerging artists. Our first preference will be Ward 8 artists, second preference Ward 7 artists, and third priority District-based artists. Artists will need to provide DC identification to prove DC residency.

Proposal Requirements:

1. Statement of interest. Please indicate your interest in providing art for this project, yourexperience, your creative idea, and how it fits within the themes identified above. The statement does not need to be long but should make your best case for why you should be selected.

2. Ten images of prior work with details (links to online pictures are acceptable for email submissions, please compress all images or use screen capture of images)

3. Resume or Bio

4. 3 References

5. A draft of your initial concept if it a commission or a photo of work if it is already completed

6. Budget if it is a commission or Sale Price if already created

7. Proof of residency in form of government-issued identification

Send all electronic documents in pdf, and images in jpeg format. If mailing, please include all images on CD.


Submissions are due May 15, 2013.


Finalists will be selected by the COH Art selection Committee and may receive a stipend to assist with final design or may receive offer for purchasing existing work.

Please email submissions to art@cohdc.org. (Subject: COH Art) or mail submissions to:

Community of Hope Art Selection Committee 1717 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Suite 805 Washington, DC 20036 RE: COH Art