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Meet Our Executive Team

OSSE's Executive Team is instrumental in executing OSSE's Core Functions and managing the agency's education programming.

Name Position

Hanseul Kang

State Superintendent of Education

Email: hanseul.kang@dc.gov

Gretchen Brumley

Director, Division of Transportation

Email: gretchen.brumley@dc.gov

Tom Fontenot

Tom Fontenot

Chief Information Officer

Email: thomas.fontenot@dc.gov

Elizabeth Groginsky

Assistant Superintendent of Early Learning

Email: elizabeth.groginsky@dc.gov

Unique Morris.jpeg

Unique Morris-Hughes

Chief Operating Officer

Email: unique.morris-hughes@dc.gov

Amy Maisterra

Assistant Superintendent of Elementary, Secondary & Specialized Education

Email: amy.maisterra@dc.gov

Antoinette S. Mitchell

Assistant Superintendent of Postsecondary and Career Education

Email: antoinette.mitchell@dc.gov

Jeff Noel

Assistant Superintendent, Assessment, Accountability & Research

Email: jeffrey.noel@dc.gov