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Real Property Tax Bills Due Dates and Delayed Bills


District of Columbia law provides that all taxable real property in the District is subject to an annual levy of tax. A property owner will receive a property tax bill twice a year. The tax should be paid timely to avoid penalties and interest.

Due Dates
Real Property tax bill payments are due twice a year, as follows:
Real Property Tax Bill Payment Due Dates



Due Date**

1st Half

October 1 - March 31

March 31

2nd Half

April 1 - September 30

September 15

** While most real property tax bills are mailed at the same time, a range of issues can delay the mailing of some of these bills. The due date for these delayed real property tax bills is adjusted accordingly.

The list of delayed bills for the 1st half of 2015 are shown below:

The list of delayed bills for the 2nd half of 2014 are shown below: