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2015 GB0 District of Columbia Public Charter School Board

Thursday, August 7, 2014

DC Public Charter School Board’s (PCSB) mission is to provide quality public school options for District students, families, and communities by conducting a comprehensive application review process, providing effective oversight of and meaningful support to District public charter schools, and actively engaging key stakeholders.

Summary of Services
The PCSB carries out four key functions: 1) ensure that only the highest quality organizations are approved to open charter schools, which is accomplished through our comprehensive application review process, 2) make effective oversight decisions in the interest of students and hold charter schools to high standards with respect to results, 3) provide clear feedback to charter schools and maintain a system of rewards and consequences to manage progress towards desired outcomes, and 4) actively engage key stakeholders to ensure transparency and accountability through an exchange process that facilitates the sharing of critical information and feedback regarding community impact and preferences.