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Fiscal Resources

Through the Office of Operations, fiscal resources are allocated for substance abuse services. The office provides financial management oversight for fiscal compliance and monitors the grants and contracts of the organizations that provide services related to substance abuse. The coordination of support services such as facilities, equipment and fleet management is also the responsibility of the Office of Operations.

Financial Operations
Financial Operations manages APRA’s operating budget and ensures compliance with the District and Federal financial requirements and processes.  The Office advises contract providers for performance and service delivery through ongoing reviews, site visits, and audits of billing within the District Automated Treatment and Accounting System (DATA).  This Office also ensures that all payments are made in accordance with District and federal regulations and guidelines.

Grants and Compliance
Grants and Compliance Unit manages APRA’s sub-grant process and provides independent financial review of contracted providers to ensure contact with District and Federal financial requirements and processes.  This Office is responsible for screening and qualification of sub-grant recipients for eligibility and qualification to ensure that the highest quality of services is provided to the District’s citizens.

Support Services
Support Services manages APRA’s transportation, facilities, and supply needs.  The division is responsible for coordinating fleet management in accordance with District and Department of Health policies and procedures.  It also negotiates contracts for services and facilities, establishes and manages stock and property control, control of space and replacement and maintenance of equipment.

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Office of Operations
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(202) 727-9568
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(202) 727-0092
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Monday to Friday 8:15 am to 5:45 pm