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Places of Worship Advisory Board (POWAB)

Places of Worship Advisory Board (POWAB)

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What is the Places of Worship Advisory Board (POWAB)?

POWAB is a collection of many different District of Columbia faith leaders working to build leadership, interfaith support, and provide spiritual guidance to people with HIV/AIDS and their families.

MISSION: To work in partnership with the DC Department of Health to develop and nurture an interfaith network that advocates for the resources, policies, and programs that prevent and treat infectious disease, eliminate disparity, and promote whole person health.

VISION: To connect people and communities to resources and supports  Whole person health in mind, body, and spirit.

Core Operating Values

The core values are those values we hold which form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves to carry out our vision of achieving whole person health: These include:

  • Faith/Hope
  • Community/Partnership
  • Advocate/Educate
  • Funding/Resources

Past POWAB accomplishments have included:

  • Convening of two major conferences that brought together people of many faiths to address the current urgent HIV/AIDS situation in the District of Columbia.
  • Held workshops and trainings on how to best create an HIV/AIDS ministry within your place of worship.
  • Increased awareness of HIV and the many issues, stigma, and behaviors that surround HIV.
  • Helped many in the faith community realize that they were not immune from HIV
  • Increased testing in the DC faith community.

Why have a POWAB?

Communities of faith have a long history and deep roots in the District of Columbia. These communities are vital in reaching District residents who would otherwise feel that they are unaffected by the current HIV/AIDS pandemic. In reality many congregation members are becoming HIV infected. POWAB addresses the many difficult issues surrounding HIV infection in the faith community.

When does the POWAB meet?

POWAB meetings are open to anyone that wants to attend. Meetings are held every second Friday of the month at 899 North Capitol Street, NE. Food and beverages are provided.

POWAB Resources

For more information about the board and interest in becoming a member please contact Regina Jefferson at (202) 671-5063 or [email protected].

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