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Health Myths and Facts for the Month of July 2016

Week of July 7, 2016 Food Safety
  • Myth:  Once food has been cooked, all the bacteria is dead, so I don’t need to worry so much about preserving it once it’s “done.”
  • Fact:  No! The possibility of bacterial growth actually increases after cooking, because the drop in temperature allows bacteria to thrive. This is why keeping cooked food warmed to the right temperature is critical for food safety. 
  • Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Week of July 27, 2016 Hepatitis C 
  • Myth: You can tell if people have Hepatitis C by looking at them
  • Fact: No! Without testing, it’s not possible to know if someone has the disease. When people get Hepatitis C, there’s only a 20% to 30% chance they will develop symptoms. That’s why Hepatitis C is known as a "silent disease." If symptoms develop, this illness may have progressed to cause liver damage, making it harder to treat. The earlier it is diagnosed, the better. Testing for Hepatitis C is available in doctors’ offices hospitals, clinics, community health centers and testing centers including our DOH STD Clinic.
  • Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services