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DOH Standard Operating Procedures

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Department of Health has standard operating procedures (SOPs) which ensure consistency and uniformity in work to improve the city's health.  Download the SOP Template here. (Note that downloading a document from a mobile device may incur data usage charges.)

Table of Contents

Administrative Management

Policy Number 200-299 Policy or Procedure Effective Date
200.100 [PDF] Standard Operating Procedure Development 09/16/16
200.101 [PDF] Procedure Title: Institutional Review Board for Public Health Policies & Procedures 08/19/13
- 240.10 [PDF]

Customer Service - Minimum Standards for Telephone-Based Customer Service Rescinded
- 240.20 [PDF] Customer Service - Out of Office Voice Mail and Email Script Rescinded
- 240.500 [PDF] Customer Service Signed Official 01/14/17
- 250.10 [PDF]

Language Access

- 260.000 [PDF] Gender Identity and Expression Protections 04/28/2017
- 270.10 [PDF] Government Affairs Management Policy 02/05/14

Legal Affairs and Risk Management

Policy Number 300-399 Policy or Procedure Effective Date
350.10 [PDF] Incident Reporting and Investigation 02/04/14
350.20 [PDF] Workers' Compensation 02/04/14
350.30 [PDF] Risk Management - Risk Assessment and Control Committee 02/04/14

Personnel (Human Resources) Management

Policy Number 500-599 Policy or Procedure Effective Date
500.100 [PDF] Appointing Student Interns and Student Volunteers 05/11/15
- 510.000 [PDF]


Tour of Duty


- 519.000 [PDF]


Employee Onboarding



520.000 [PDF]



Employee Separations


530.000 [PDF] Tuition Assistance Program Signed Official 05/05/2017

Communication Management

Policy Number 600-699 Policy or Procedure Effective Date
620.10 [PDF] DOH Media and Public Relations Request 04/24/14
620.20 [PDF] DOH Coordinating Media Coverage Publication Review and Media Campaigns 04/24/14
- 620.30 [PDF] DOH Social Media Standards 01/04/16

Information Technology Management

Policy Number 700-799 Policy or Procedure Effective Date
720.20 [PDF] Internet Access and Use 01/13/14
720.30 [PDF] Electronic Mail (Email) Use 01/13/14
720.50 [PDF] Password Management Policy 01/13/14
720.65 [PDF] Backup Infrastructure Policy 01/13/14
720.70 [PDF]

Revoking Privileges After Termination Policy Rescinded
- 730.100 [PDF]

Information Technology Enhancement and Migration Official



- 750.000 [PDF] Management of Network Printers and Desktop Printers  07/22/2017

Contracts and Procurement

Policy Number 800-899 Policy or Procedure Effective Date
- 810.000 [PDF] Conflict Attenstations for Contracts and Grant Agreements 06/06/2017
- 820.000 [PDF] Contractor Onboarding Signed Official 03/21/2017

Facilities, Vehicle, and Property

Policy Number 900-999 Policy or Procedure Effective Date
900.100 [PDF]


Use and Management of Vehicles



Health Emergency Preparedness and Reponse Administration (HEPRA)

Policy Number 1300-1399 Policy and Procedure Effective Date
1380.000 [PDF]


DOH Management Integration Into Incident Command System