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Immunization Program Services

Immunization program services are provided through six (6) major program components, which are outlined below:

  •     Vaccines for Children
  •     District of Columbia Immunization Registry
  •     Service Delivery/Clinical Operations
  •     Consumer Information
  •     Assessment
  •     Surveillance
  •     Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program

Vaccines for Children

Vaccines for Children (VFC) provides free vaccines to providers that vaccinate children who:

  • Are eligible for Medicaid
  • Have no health insurance
  • Have health insurance that doesn't cover immunizations
  • Are Native American or Alaskan Native

VFC also:

  • Provides free immunizations to uninsured and underinsured children and a limited number of adults through a walk-in clinic.
  • Conducts assessments for children in licensed child-care, Head Start Centers and in all schools and grades.
  • Conducts an annual retrospective survey from kindergarten school entry data to assess completion of initial vaccine series by 2 years of age.
  • Identifies and investigates cases and controls outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases (VPD), measures VPD morbidity and mortality, and evaluates the impact of new vaccines and immunization policies.
  • Identifies hepatitis B surface antigen (HbsAg) pregnant women and prevents perinatal hepatitis B transmission.
  • Monitors the safety of immunizations and ensures that all providers of immunizations report adverse events according to state and/or local public health policies.
  • Maintains an immunization registry that serves as a storehouse for immunization records for children and adults in the District of Columbia, enabling the Department of Health to keep children updated for immunization, provide follow-up when needed, conduct outbreak control, provide records for daycare and school entry and prevent unnecessary immunizations because of lost records.

District of Columbia Immunization Registry

  • Stores immunization records for children and adults in the District of Columbia
  • Tracks immunization compliance and provides immunization data and reports
  • Provides trainings to provides who wish to link to the Registry.

Service Delivery/Clinical Operations

  • Operates one walk-in express clinic that provides assessments and vaccinations for uninsured and underinsured children and a limited number of adults.
  • Conducts case tracking, management, follow-up and reporting for cases reported through Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS)

Consumer Information

  • Collects and disseminates vaccine information statements and other educational materials to providers, consumers and lay audiences
  • Conducts educational seminars for providers, consumers and lay audiences throughout the city
  • Provides vaccine benefits and risk communications 


  • Reviews the immunization records of all children in licensed child care, head start centers and all grades in public, private, chartered and parochial schools
  • Determines compliance with DC Immunization Law 3-12 


  • Conducts investigation, tracking and reporting of vaccine preventable diseases and adverse events

Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program

  • Identifies and tracks pregnant women infected with Hepatitis B virus
  • Ensures appropriate preventive treatment for newborns of infected mothers from birth through the 1st year of life
  • Refers household and sexual contacts of identified women for Hep B Screening
  • Provides Hep B vaccinations to susceptible contacts (if no insurance coverage)
  • Free Immunization Clinic
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