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Resilient DC

Resilient DCWhat Is Resilient DC?

Resilient DC is a collaborative project sponsored by the District of Columbia Department of Health (DOH) that brings together residents, community-based partners, businesses, and District and Federal agencies, to strengthen our community’s ability to “bounce back” from emergencies and disasters.


Neighborhoods and communities networked to be mutually supportive in meeting the needs of individuals and families before, during, and following a disaster


To foster resilience to the destructive effects of disasters in the District by developing partnerships, encouraging collaboration, and disseminating helpful and timely information.

What Is Resilient DC Doing?

  • We conducted a survey of community-based and government organizations to understand what activities and resources already exist that can be used to promote community resilience
  • We organized community forums to identify opportunities for fruitful partnerships across diverse organizations
  • We are holding community workgroup meetings to develop and implement strategies for expanding collaboration and partnering efforts
  • We are developing a strategic plan to help us navigate from where we are today to where we aspire to be in the future.
  • We are developing a public outreach campaign to increase awareness of how residents, community-based partners, and businesses can build resilience
  • We are testing resilience-building strategies in selected District neighborhoods, focusing on the needs of communities, and especially residents who are aged, have health concerns, access limitations, and/or functional needs.