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EMS Laws, Regulations and Policies

The governance and oversight of Emergency Medical Services in the District of Columbia has been entrusted to the District of Columbia Department of Health. This is done through a series of laws, regulations and policies.

The EMS Act of 2008

The EMS Act of 2008 became effective March 25, 2009 as DC Law 17-357, DC Official Code §§ 7-2341.01 et seq. On June 1, 2009 Mayoral Order 2009-89 was issued that the authority granted to the Mayor in the EMS Act was delegated to the Director of the Department of Health.

The EMS Act of 2008 laid the necessary legislative foundation to improve EMS services in the District of Columbia.

District of Columbia Municipal Regulations, Title 29, Section 5

The regulations that govern all aspects of EMS in the District of Columbia can be found in the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations (DCMR), Title 29, Section 5. With the passage of the EMS Act, the Department of Health was tasked with updating these regulations. That process was completed with the publishing of the new EMS regulations on 06 December 2013.

Department of Health EMS Policies

The Department of Health will issue policies that help guide oversight of EMS services in the District. Policies can be procedural in nature or can be used to help clarify the regulations. The following policies below have been issued since the passage of the EMS Act. With the publishing of the new EMS regulations, a review of the existing EMS policies will be conducted. The existing policies will be updated or revoked to bring them in alignment with the new EMS regulations.

2010-0001 Transition to NREMT Certification Requirement [PDF]
2010-0002 NREMT and DOH Provider Certification Expiration Dates [PDF]
2010-0003 Policy on EMS Organizational Quality Assurance and Improvement Plan [PDF]
2010-0004 EMS Provider Applications [PDF]
2010-0005 Issuing of EMS Provider Certification Extensions [PDF]
2010-0006 Procedure for Lapsed Certifications [PDF]
2010-0007 Patient Care Report for DOH Aid Stations [PDF]
2010-0008 Transportation of Patients [PDF]
2010-0009 EMS Provider Scope of Practice [PDF]
2010-0010 Ambulance Interior Climate Standards [PDF]
2010-0011 EMS Educational Institution Certification Standards [PDF]
2010-0012 EMS Instructor Standards [PDF]
2011-0013 Identification Numbers of Hospitals and EMS Organizations [PDF]
2011-0015 EMS Curriculum and Course Standards [PDF]
2011-0016 EMS National Education Standards Transition Procedures [PDF]
2011-0017 Patient Care Protocols for DOH Aid Stations [PDF]
2011-0018 EMS Provider Certification Sponsorship [PDF]
• 2012-0020 EMT Practical Skill Exam Procedures [PDF]
• 2012-0021 EMR Practical Skill Exam Procedures [PDF]

Department of Health EMS Forms

The Department of Health will issue forms that help with the processing of various EMS services in the District. The forms are used to comply with the mandates of the regulations and policies issued by the Department of Health. The EMS Forms issued by the Department of Health will have a form number located in the lower left corner. This number corresponds to the policy that governs the form’s usage. If multiple forms are released under a single policy they will have a letter suffix to aid in its identification. Like the EMS policies above, the current EMS forms will undergo a review to bring them in alignment with the new regulations. The updates will be added here.

2010-0004A EMR Application [PDF]
2010-0004B EMT Application [PDF]
2010-0004C AEMT Application [PDF]
2010-0004D EMT-Intermediate Application [PDF]
2010-0004E Paramedic Application [PDF]
2010-0004F BLS Certification Verification Form [PDF]
2010-0004G Military BLS Certification Verification Form [PDF]
2010-0004H ALS Certification Verification Form [PDF]
2010-0004J Military ALS Certification Verification Form [PDF]
2010-0007 Aid Station Patient Care Report [PDF]
2010-0011A Self Assessment and Application for EMS Educational Institution Certification [PDF]
2010-0012 EMS Instructor Application [PDF]
2010-0015A Curriculum Approval Application [PDF]
2010-0015B Course Approval Application [PDF]
2011-0018 Cosponsor Application Form [PDF]
• 2012-0020A EMT Practical Skill Exam Handbook [PDF]
2012-0020B EMT Candidate Statements [PDF]
2012-0020C EMT Candidate Reporting Form [PDF]
2012-0020G EMT Practical Examination Roster [PDF]
• 2012-0021A EMR Practical Skill Exam Handbook [PDF]
2012-0021B EMR Candidate Statements [PDF]
2012-0021C EMR Candidate Reporting Form [PDF]
2012-0021G EMR Practical Examination Roster [PDF]

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