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SE STD Clinic Process

The Visit Process

You are welcome to visit the Southeast (SE) STD Clinic between the hours of 8:15 am and 3:15 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. The SE Clinic operates on a walk-in basis and does not make appointments. The clinic usually has 3-4 clinicians available and the average  visit time is less than 90 minutes.  Depending on the time of day, some visits may be longer or shorter than the average. 

When you get to the SE Clinic, the person at the front desk will ask for identification and provide a registration form for you to complete. The personal information on this form will be protected. In order to further protect your privacy and confidentiality, names are not used during your visit.  Instead, letters and numbers are used to identify clients.

There is no fee for services. We do not bill insurance and we do not collect any money.  

You can make yourself comfortable in the waiting room until your number or letter is called.  You will then have your blood drawn and a rapid HIV test performed Upon completion of this lab work, you will visit with the clinician; who will take a sexual history, do a comprehensive physical exam, perform any additional lab tests, and prescribe medication(s), as indicated. 

If you are diagnosed with a reportable Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) — gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, HIV — you will then be referred to the counselor for risk reduction counseling, including discussion of how to talk to your sexual partners about their exposure to an STI and how to prevent future infections. You will also receive information on follow-up appointments.


Your medical record at the SE Clinic is always kept confidential. This means that information regarding testing, diagnosis and treatment services provided at the SE STD Clinic is privileged and will only be released to your treating physician upon request. We can’t tell your partner(s), parents, guardians, teachers or employers that you got tested and we can’t tell them the results.

All SE STD Clinic staff sign an oath to keep confidential any and all information having to do with our patients. The oath specifically states that staff will not remove files from the SE STD Clinic without authorization and will not divulge any information regarding patients to unauthorized persons. The staff understands that the unauthorized release of information will result in disciplinary action or termination of their employment with the District of Columbia.

Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS): Every public health department around the country has specially trained workers  who provide services that assist with counseling, testing, and interrupting the disease infection cycle. DIS undergo intensive training to learn about the different sexually transmitted infections so they can better educate and inform patients of safer sex practices. The DIS in Washington, DC provides counseling for all patients at the SE STD Clinic who are diagnosed with a reportable disease. They conduct field investigations on all syphilis and HIV cases in Washington, DC and provide partner notification services. Because of the unique skill set of the DIS they have also been asked to provide trainings and outreach services at various community events. Often, the DIS are the face of the STD Control Program.

Partner Counseling and Referral Services: An important part of treating any sexually transmitted disease is interrupting the infection cycle by notifying, counseling and treating the partners of those diagnosed with an STD/HIV. Partner Counseling and Referral Services or PCRS is the way in which the Department of Health provides those services to the community. The DIS does NOT disclose the name or any other identifying information about the patient.

If you have been diagnosed with an STD, including HIV, and would like assistance with informing your partner, call the Department of Health at (202) 698-4050 for more information on partner services.

You can also anonymously inform your partners that they have been exposed to an STD by visiting www.inspot.org.

Southeast (SE) STD Clinic
DC General Hospital Campus
1900 Massachusetts Avenue, SE
Building #8
Washington, DC 20003

Phone: (202) 698-4050 or 311 (after hours)

Contact TTY: